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Brian kikira

Hi NDFM,thanks so much.I learn alot about bougainville every time I visit this site. Special thanks to bro Dunstan and Clarence for the job well done. I encourage b'villians to frequently visit this site.
Brian Kikira

Samuel Toposona

I must say community radio is a very good concept. A very good medium of communicating educational and informative information and wider reach to rural communities. Brings other local Bougainvilleans overseas closer to home on what is happening. I was introduced to this medium in 2011. Good job and congratulations!

Samuel T Jason
Lae, Morobe Province

Joseph Dokekana


I'm Joseph from Solomon Islands studying at Massey University in NZ. I met one of a friend from Bouganville and he introduced to me this website. It is good to visit your website- NewDawn of Bouganville as means to communicate with your people and the wolrd. I hope, Bouganville will rise up in the very near future.



Maryanne Hanette


Right music, right olgeta...

Sr. Jeline Giris

Hi Laukai and team,Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all had a blessed-filled Christmas with your families and friends! I'm just logging in to see what's up at the home front and wish you guys a very Merry Christmas! Without repeating myself, I just need to say to you guys; thank you, thank you and thank you for 2013! I look forward to your reporting of 2014! A happy New Year 2014 to you all! Keep up the good work in updating us on the happenings on the homeland! Bravo guys! Jéline SMSM.

Thanks, PETER LARRY for your positive comments based on your observations.
Yes we have singlehandedly took on this mammoth task of providing stories from Bougainville right to our networks instead of going through some middlemen in PNG.
and WE ARE PROUD to have done that since 2008 and still carrying on this responsibility.
Many Bougainvilleans have gone through, passed degrees etc and used our workj as their point of reference... and we are proud to have provided for those people.
Thanks agains and Merry Christmas.
Aloysius Laukai

Peter Larry

This is very informative indeed...though the national government is not doing enough to educate and disseminate information to the people of Bougainville in terms of what is captured in the Bougainville Peace Agreement and the Autonomy and Referendum, New Dawn has come out strong in that spectre and i think you Mr Laukai have done a great job for you and the people of Bougainville interms of information dissemination and educating the masses.....Keep it up New Dawn...Merry Christmas and Looking forward for a Better New year 2014.

regards, Peter Larry, PNGFM News, POM

Veronica Hannette

Hi there,
Miss the studio and the fun back then with news and broadcasting....I've learnt a lot from New Dawn FM during my training there and it's getting more interesting in school as well.
I have only this week and will be sitting for my exams and looking forward to come see the team is....
Anyway, nice afternoon to you all there....
Cheers, V

Edward Nanatsi

"There is nothing closer to home like new dawn FM".
Thanks Aloysius Laukai for the great initiative and a job well done!...Bravo!

Edward Nanatsi
Perth WA, Australia

Veronica Hannette

Hi team....
Miss you guys, I am comming for christmas break and might call in sometimes....
Good work, I've been reading alot about what is happening back in Bougainville.

Way to go...Strongim Atonomi.......


Sr. Jeline Giris

Hi Laukai and Team, It's Jeline again checking on you guys! Since I log in each time to see how things are going in our Beautiful homeland, it's lovely to read that life continues and you guys give us so much joy reporting on what's happening in our beautiful island home! Bravo you guys and keep it up! Bougainville is almost 30 hours flight from Senegal, but logging into New Dawn and catching up with the news makes home so close!! Good luck you guys! S. Jeline Giris, SMSM

Sebastian hakalits

New Dawn FM bougainvilles locally owned radio station is helping in the broadcasting of news sports and events in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Thank you NDFM.

Andrew Moses Keria

"Congratulations" to New Dawn for the new Breath of "Life" in the means of another technology in COMMUNICATIONS.

Em kaikai tru.


Andrew Moses Keria

Hey Mr Laukai,I recently logged on to your web and mate what I saw and read really made me feel like Iam a true Bougainville.

Keep it up,and niganituana.

Sebastian Hurokoli

Hi: New Dawn team.
What a fantastic team you have formed. You guys are great and what your doing speaks itself louder. To be honest, this is the blog I visit regularly for any Bougainville update.

Brian Nakyile


Please if some one can help me.

I would like to get in touch with Peter Sepe now living in Gladstone, Qld Australia. I met him in Alotau over the xmas 2011-2012 but really like to know his email address/ phone number so that i can write to him or contact him please.
He was my W/Shop manager @ Nawae construction before he and his family left for down under.

Thank you and best regards,

Brian Nakyile.

tours of russia

I am totally delighted with incredibly blog greatly that warned me! Thank you “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” - George Burns

Veronica Hannette

Hi there team miss the fan back at the studio but I am getting good updates each time, well done and keep the spirit alive to start a new dawn....hard lo toktok stap lo form stret.....

Cynthia Kusa

Oh,that's great!Anybody out there who have access to internet could able to communicate our views about Bougainville.Thankyou New Dawn FM..KEEP IT UP!!

Xavier Tsiwa

Well done brata man...Noken Lus tingting long Toktok moa long Health Safety na Environment blong yumi long Bougainville

Your Bro Mr X... Kave na?

Bugger Off

Would you mind creating a separate blog site for New Dawn Site? Otherwise take the comments part out altogether.

Too much propaganda and shameless self promotion is taking the shine out of this resourceful news website. Its frustratingly annoying, absolutely pathetic and hopelessly exasperating to say the least. Not to mention, some comments there, are irresponsible, defamatory in some cases, and most of all, they do nothing to improve the image Bougainville and its good people.

We want to enjoy reading first hand news from the ground without being bothered by stupid sideline comments from shameless opportunistic idiots, who want nothing but self-indulge in negativity.

George Ringin

Hey Folks, Congratulations to the team at New Dawn..In this modern world Communication is a vital tool for getting people together..This is a great initiative..well done.

George Ringin
Leightons/HWE Mining Group.
Western Australia.

Helen   (A.R.O.B)

Gutpla station tru , now we can know how important Safety is through this radio station New DAWN FM Keep inform us in terms of Safety AND WE CAN BE IMPROVE OUR SAFETY STANADARD.

Well Done Safety em # 1 priority

John Kemaroy Jnr

Mr Laukai.......trupela man!!!! New Dawn FM, stap wantaim yumi...

Sister Mary Kenny

Congratulations to you all on achieving such a btra way to correspond. my email address is kennysnsn@yahoo,com God bless you all. Sister Mary Kenny smsm

Sr. Lorraine Garasu, CSN

Hi Aloyuis thanks for this opportunity, I have also found a long lost pren, MT if you need to contact me my contact is [email protected]
I am just in Fiji for a short, be in Bougainville soon.
Keep it up NDF, you given us a great opportunity.
All the best God bless your great work.

Mumuni Tanreki

I found someone. A long lost friend. Sr. Lorraine Garasu. How are you sis? I still carry the bilum you gave me when you visited canberra 10 years ago i think.

Sr. Lorraine Garasu, CSN

Nice to be able to read the news about home all the way from the Fiji Islands.You have done well by keeping the world informed about Bougainville and its Affairs. Well done Aloysuis, thankyou Maria for being there for your husband all the way through, it does make a great difference to the mission that you need to achieve by keeping the people informed through the media. All the best to you and your whole team.
Sr. Lorraine Garasu, CSN

Dr. Barnabas Matanu

hey laukai! tok tenkiu long sapotim ol health tok tok save. ie. NZ Eye team visit long ARB na Cholera issues!

Tok save olaem, Cholera Training workshop bai kamap may be in early august 2010.

Dr. B. Matanu


Gutpla day lo yu, wantok, Mr. Laukai. Olsem wanem, plis put a more clear picture of yourself. We all wanna see who the man of the moment is.

You should be the PR man for the new ABG.... Job well done...


Thankz Mr Laukai for taking the initiative. I'm so proud that B'villians have an access in reaching their friends who are faraway from home.


Mr Laukai, you have created something,....something that one day, you will look back & smile at....something pleasing to remember....
I promise you this "you will die a happy man".

and to you all my fellow Bougainvilleans who may read this post, "gaudeamus hodie"(latin 4: let us rejoice today!)...
For no matter how small in numbers we may be on this site....I feel like we have been UNITED.


Morning ol wantok & many thanks to Mr. Laukai for uniting and keepin us informed through this site. WOW!! I feel like I'm home. Gosh.
Anyways, thanks for the updates back at home, and congrats to Sir John Momis (nb. I hate people calling him Mr Momis, or John Momis). C'mon guys, he was knighted!!

To the crew...way to go.
Keep up the fantastic work...

Mumuni Tanreki

Thanks guys for this site. It keeps us in touch with what's happening back at home and all the past updates about the election and what's still to come. Good on you Thomas and Aloysius and thank you so much.

Peter Sepe

Thank you ol wantok long New Dawn,MrLaukai,Sam Bena,and rest of the staff.Iam really happy and would like to thank you for the update on election results in Bougainville,without your daily coverage,your fellow Bougainvillean working in Australia and other countries will be in total darkness.From the election results,the people want change and they have chosen the best men and women to lead Bougainville for the next five years.Thank you New Dawn and Bougainville.

Peter Sepe
Gladstone,Central Qld.


Yumi olgeta igat raits long tingting long ol kainkain samting, lotu na bilip tu. Na yumi igat rait long senisim ol dispela tingting tu, na yumi igat rait long stap olsem, olsem yu yet o wantaim narapela, na skelim tingting na bilip wantaim ol narapela.

Thanks to the staff of New Dawn
You wrote history


Fabian Hakalits

New Dawn yu em best yah..........

Eugene Sive

Nice to see good things Happening on our Island.
Congrates to you!

Beulah Sipana

Hi Wantok, tenkyu tumas long raitim ol nius blong bougenvil long dispela hap. Mi hamamas tumas and tok bikpela tenkyu tru.

Nau mi ken bihainim na ridim wanem samting i wok long kamap long peles bilong yumi.

Tenkyu tru long ol eleksen updates tu.
Keep up the good work.

Fabian Hakalits

Nau mi ken kisim moa update about Bougainville..
Mi stap hia na hangre stret long harim Bogenvil I olsem wanem nau long dispela taim?
But bikos long NewDawn yupla em bestyah!!!!
Strongim autonomy ah?

Fabian Hakalits

Hi there Mr Laukai long time and I miss our jokes and laugters when covering stories...
I have never forgotten your advice and thanks alot..
You are doing well and keep up the great job...
Strongim Autonomy...

Brian Semoso

Tenkiu tru wantok.
Disla em nambawan samting stret. Nau mi ken kisim news kam gut tru, na stret tru lo ples blo yumi Bogenvil. Bikpla samting tu em ol wantok yet raitim na salim kam.

U top man tasol, na gutpla wok blo yu wantaim lo ol wokman blo yu.

Tenkiu stret gen na God bless..

Luca Servo

Aloysious, it was pleasure for me to meet you in Bangalore. I'll keep following you and New Dawn Radio on your blog. Let's keep in touch and see if there are activities we can develop jointly in the field of food security, nutrition, agriculture, water and climate change in your island.

Francis Tauria

Aga mani Aloysious Laukai,So proud of you , doing a fantastic Development in Broadcasting.


This keeps the world in touch with Bougainville, I now often get news before my friends who are locals... Thank you for keeping me updated and informed.... Congrats and well done!

Patricia Luakenu

Hey Fada, Great job and Congrads for the BIG LUKSAVE!!!!Keep em up!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Mau manni

Papua Tauna

Hi Aloysius,

Congratulations on putting up the New dawn on Bougainville. I found it very interesting to read the various comments from everyone both in PNG and overseas.

Could you start a blog discussion on the forthcomming ABG referandum next year. I am interested to know what the board and staff, including the public's view on what they think of the issue of autonomy, what it's being like as the first province to be given an autonomy status by the national government, does being autonomous for over fourteen years mean something to the people?

Do the prople themselves want to remain in an autonomous state or become independent from PNG when there are still many unresolved problems amongst the bougainville people themselves? The law & order situation is still bad and criminals do not respect the police and their own people making it very difficult for the ABG government to effectively govern.

Thank you.

paul ward

this is fantastic news to have a radio station, freedom of speech, a local voice, information for unity. Stap wan bel !
Do you have 'pod-casts'? I live in South Korea but used to live at Koromira so I want to keep informed about the new life of Bougainville,
thanks, Paul

James (Jimmy) Starkey

Moning nau olgeta,
My name is James (Jimmy) Starkey, I served over there in Bougainville with the PMG in 2000 and 2001. I was based at Loloho, I am writing to get back in contact with my old wantoks from Awara and Rorovana.

If someone can help me that would be great, I would like to get back in contact with Mathew Iasau from Rorovana and some others from Kieta.

My email address is [email protected] if there are any other Bougainvilleans that live Australia now I would like to hear from you too.

Bai gudpela tru sapos mi toktok wantiam olgeta prend bilong mi.

Lukim yu

James Starkey

Br Mark Kenatsi fms

Mr Laukai, you are genius. Great initiative and a job well done. Strongim Autonomy. Keep up the good work and keep us inform on what's happening back at home


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