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The Director of GMT Automation, ELIAS BADE says that today’s MOU signing is very special for all of us especially working side by with the ABG and a private Bougainvillean fully own company GMT.

It's about time we believe and trust our own people and removing the middle man who is only interested in making money capitalizing on our innocence and culavility.

Plenti time ol middle man save giamanim yumi na yumi no save lukim kaikai blong ol projects. Mipla stap olsem yet na no gat senis ikamap long life blong yumi. But I hope that this concept also gives us a paradigm shift from looking up to someone from outside then looking at our own people in delivering similar projects for the greater benefit for all Bougainvilleans.

I thank the Bougainville Government through our vice president and minister for economic development Hon Patrick Nisira and also Mr Cyril Tavore the Bougainville Public Investment corporation managing director, Solomon and team for giving an opportunity to a Bogainvillean corporate entity to manage and lead us in the Loloho project.

I also thank all stakeholders and parties that have involved from ground zero to today.

I thank all our negotiating teams Partners, individuals and the landowners who have worked tirelessly to this moment.

We would not have achieved this milestone without the concerted efforts of everyone.

It had costed us a substantial amount of money but the money spent is nothing knowing the benefits that would bring to the people of Bougainville once the project swings into operation. Someone has to sacrifice for a common good of all of us and if there was no pain there would not be any gain.

While we partake in signing the MOU let us be reminded that the real work of getting the project off the ground has just began.

We all know that Rome is not built in a day and a Journey of a life time begins with a single step. So for us we see that the signing of this MOU is that critical single step that we must all take to make the Loloho project a reality and a platform to follow for other projects yet to come.

Therefore, I call on all stakeholders to continue the same efforts and especially the Bougainville Government and GMT automation limited to work hand in hand with full cooperation and understanding until the Loloho Petroleum project turns into a successful operation and tangible benefits are experienced by ABG, Landowners and all Bougainvilleans in one way or another.
This message was read by Director ELIAS BADE and was from the Group Chairman

[ ] Mirau meng, nigan toana, tampara Masika
[ ] Thank you and God bless

07 April 2021