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samuel kuri

1..Congratulations,PEACE LOVING PEOPLE of AROB for the peaceful elections to form the THIRD HOUSE.
2..I would like to suggest for the president and the new & old members returned to balance sharing of the island's wealth with our sinking atoll islanders,by providing improved services on health,educations,communication services and most of the transport systems.
3..Sea transport {seaplanes} are the faster transports can be looked at for Medivac emergency purposes.over to you MR PRESIDENT and CONGRATS for your return.PEOPLES POWER SPEAKS HERE.

kolosi kunu

hi, thanks for the really helps.n e way i`d like to view the iti acceptance list that was read out by newdawn fm on friday.if u cud post it on yor site pls..


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Bryan Miles

This blog site has got lots of extremely helpful info on it. Thanks for helping me….

kepler ketsian


Lorraine K

thanks for keeeping us updated again on the happening at Home.
Good job.


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Andrew Tulo

Thankyu AL long openim ken New Dawn site. So refreshing to read the latest news from home. Keep up the good work.
Mi laik askim tu ol Bougainville leaders na ol businessman blong Bougainville long sapotim wok blong yu. Very important.

Proud Bougainvillean

Terry Kelliher

Sori tru - longtaim nau mi no lukim nuis bilong Bougainville.

Yupela igat sampela samting nogut ikamap o wanem?

Mipela lapun bilong bipo igat wari long sindaun bilong yu, tasol.

Rex Bright

I am in Blenheim NZ and I look at your web page often but there has not been any news for sometime. I am a good friend of Pamela Beaumont and Sister Lesley Bowen who lived in Bougainville for many years and I like to keep them in touch with what is happening over there.

reddust =D

Thank yu tru lo toksave AL,mekim na mi wari olsem mi nonap lo ridim gen news blo ples lo net..Keep up your FANTASTIC JOB..

Aloysius Laukai

Sorry,People we are having problem with billing of our site.
As soon as we settle this we will update the site.

Sorry for the delay...

B. Tasikul

Any new news from home Mr. AL. Mi laik save wanem sampela samting i kamap lo ples.

Em tasol, Keep the the good work.

Cheers and catch up.


In regard to your mail on 26/07,Wendy Rigney. Maybe I know the person you are looking for.If you can provide your contacts I might help.


wendy rigney

l lived on Bougainville in 1971-1976. l was so sad to leave,l hope to return 1 day. The people and the place hold special memories for me. There is a special person l would like to hear from. Her name is Patricia Basio and she comes from Manaku Village. l think this is the correct spelling for this village. if anyone knows her could they contact me please.if anyone knows me feel free to contact!


Thank you New Dawn Fm for the valuable information you post on a daily basis. Solwara katim mipla long ples na the only way to know what's happening back home is through your website.

Keep up the good work!

For those who don't understand the name New Dawn and want explanations...I think this name gives a prophetic insight into what is happening in Bougainville. We are in the dawning of a new day and era for Bougainville! That's it.

Proud Bougainvillean
Perth, Western Australia

Belinda Kora

Good Job Alois and thanks for the updates

Sr. Jeline Giris, SMSM

Hi Laukai and Team! It's been a long while since I last made contact with you guys! I admit though that I log in to New Dawn from time to time to see what's going on in our beautiful Island home! It's Sr. Jeline making contact again to wish you all a very happy Easter and may this joyful season bring lasting peace to our people of Bougainville! Am keeping the people of Kounou specially in my prayers and please keep the people of Africa (senegal especially) in your prayers!
*Once again Alois, bravo for the good work you and your team do for us Bougainvilleans, informing us of what's going on on the Island!
Jeline Giris, SMSM. Senegal - West Africa.

Wils Stevenson

When is New Dawn coming back on line? I miss all the music and the daily company of your cool announcers.


 Paulinus Evia

I am following the News on New Dawn Bougainville. I live in Vanuatu but was so grateful about the recent news about the third ABG Games in Buin District, and the wonderful growth and developments in the District. This is a positive sign of that shows people from all over the Region to come together for the first time in the District after the conflict.. As a person from Buin myself, i would like to congratulate those who are organising this event and many others In Bougainville.

ikBoss Joseph Walter Mautu Pakei

Can newDawn please reduced the size of your photo files before uploading them to the site. THey are in Megabyte size and eating up my Units like hell when I visit the New Dawn website. There is a programme inbuilt in all computers to reduce the size of photos, that is by converting them to web page photos.

Ileen Ukebule

I would like to know the whereabouts of Mr. Johnnie Zale the son of the late Bishop John Zale. Please email me on [email protected] and give me some details if you know his whereabouts.

Kind Regards
Lyn Ukebule

Sione Paasia

Well done on the formation of this website. Makes me proud of the talent we have in bougainville.



Could the station please supply me details on your name "New Dawn"?
Why did you pick this name and not another that is more Bouginville related?

Mumuni Tanreki

My congratulations to the winners. Thanks for making it an interesting event for those of us abroad. We followed the election very closely via the internet.

Sahun Dash
Northern Territory


I wish to take this oppotunity to congratulate John Momis victorious win in his Presidental election.
My advice to the new President is that he needs to make a wholesale changes to the Bougainville Administration.I think the ABG should appoint a new Chief Admistrator.
Some who is tough and who can make descision that needs to be implemented.Someone, the likes of the late Tsiamalili.
I for one think we should recruit an outsider,may be foreiger.Why I say this because there has been a lot of mis-uses of funds in the Adminstration.

There are people who have stole money through debious means have not been charge.

The Momis govt should not appoint anyone who is currently in position or within the Administration, because there would be conflict of interest.



Petrus Pita

Tru ia. Yumi stap wan bai orait. Em tasol.



Dear Bougainvilleans,

I write this open letter from Germany.
Because I learned my english at school and because I have no practice in writing and speaking the english language I say sorry regarding the mistakes in this letter.
In Germany we say : The words are not important - important is that the other one understands you.
This mentality is a result of thousends of years of German history because Germany is a mixture of more than 200 nations.

Regarding Bougainville I write to you because I understand that Bougainville is making history.

History because you are on the way to organice your country as an independent state.

Independence is the best way for the people and so for the country.

Ask yourself : who loves your children ?
Who loves your country ?
Who loves your nation ?
Who is determined to build in Bougainville a civilisation worthy of that love ?
Who is determined to release your people from the cruel dictatorship of others ?

John Momis AND James Tanis are both such persons.
Both know and say : A free and independent Bougainville can be won by hard work and organisation.

You - the Bougainville people - have the power to help John Momis and James Tanis on this march together with your fellow countrymen - if you have the WILL.


Eventually we will grow old as Momis and his cohorts.

The next generation before us will also have their say when we are like them.


Momis em good long mentoring & grooming ol yanpela, stop hanging around, his use by date has come.
In 1975 Momis giamanim ol man. Why didn't he renegotiate the BCL agreement when he had political power before the crisis? Smooth talking, talking, em no karim kaikai.


Right now, Bougainville is in need of seasoned leaders. The young people who happened to take positions of leadership in the aftermath of the civil war have shown that they still need to improve a lot in a lot of ways. I think what we need at this point in time is leaders with the hindsight of historical experience and intellectual foresight to lead Bougainville out of the doldrums wrought about by the civil war. Bougainville needs leaders like John Momis, Leo Hannet and Alexis Sarei. Some young people on Bougainville say they brought less development to Bougainville, while others say they promised Independence before and did not satisfactorily or adequately explain why it did not take place or delayed if that is so. I do not know about the promise that I hear about but whatever it is I think we need to work together with them and together we can achieve a lot of things much better. Young leaders have a lot to gain by working beside leaders like them. I respect their moral, political and intellectual leadership and wisdom. Let us peacefully coexist and work together to improve our lives.

Maria Rippingale

I too have followed the news of Bougainville for almost 35 years via my dear friend Monica Rartsie Taga. We became pen friends during our childhoods and have always remained friends even though we have lost contact several times, especially during the war years. I last heard from Monica acouple of years ago and would dearly like to know where she is and is she safe and well? I believe she is very well known as she worked for the Bougainville womens interchurch forum.Can someone let me know I am Looking for her please? My email address is [email protected]
Its great to hear Bougainville has her own radio station...congratulations!

Kind Regards

Maria Rippingale


colin cowell

In the early 1970"s I worked in Bougainville and was trying to locate an old friend Linus KONUKUNG from Buin.If I can locate I want to visit him in August 2010,Flying to Buka and driving down to Buin if that is still possible.

Colin Cowell Canberra Australia
+61 401 331 251


Paul's post kindled up a few things re Internet/Voice Communications. There is really nothing holding back Bougainville from having its own Communications Gateway instead of us having to go through PNG, which is really the reason why we pay the hefty price for Internet/Voice communications.
The other option is to investigate running our own Undersea Fibre Optic Cable Link straight from either Guam or New Caledonia (Godwana-1). There is also nothing wrong with running a cable straight from Bougainville to Port Moresby and hooking up to the APNG-2 Cable. Whichever way, communications will be faster, and price reduced. The ABG can than sell the extra bandwidth to people like Digicel and B-Mobile or even direct to PNG Customers. The ABG just needs to be a little creative.


I used to live on Bougainville in the late 80s and also have contacts there from earlier times and would dearly love to call them. Dearly is the key word here as even with Skype it still costs $1.40 / min from Australia to PNG (Inc B'ville). To call most other places in the world it only costs about 10 or 20 Cents. I wonder if anyone can tell us why countries like PNG and The Solomons cost more to use the phone / skype..
It seems that poorer countries charge richer places more to call in and out.
I have resorted to good old snail mail.

Clive Porabou, Moss Vale Australia.

When talking about re-opening the Panguna mine, those who keen on doing that are talking about more bloodshed on the Island.

I would like to remain my brothers and sisters of my mother land,

Don't Dig Gold and Copper Dig Garden[Taro,yam, kaukau Etc]

curt chrestman

My father worked for GoodYear at the Panguna Mine. I lived in Arawa as a boy in the 70's. I certainly understand why the Bougainville people don't want the mine operating. I have followed your struggle from the late 80's. I hope that Bougainville can finally come together to create a peaceful and prosperous future. My memories of living on Bougainville are wonderful and I would love to come back for a visit. Best of Luck to the People of Bougainville. My heart is with you on your wonderful island.

Ottis Simopiaref

I am searching along this way for email address of my old good friend Mike Forster, the Bougainville Delegate to UN (United Nations). Hi Mike, this Ottis Simopiaref from West Papua. Would you please email me at [email protected] ?
My best regards and thank you.
Ottis Simopiaref
The Netherlands.

dennis cloughley

as i have worked on bougainville island for many years for b c l, and more percificaly in the jaba river tailings area.i can fully understand why the bougainvillian people did what they did. for b c l to even concider opening the panguna mine again they must take the following steps which are to address the needs of all the local people in that area which are probaly the same as they were asking for30 years ago which are decent roads,hospital clinics,education and perticular in the jaba region. the tailings from the mine to be piped and pumped to an of shore location and may be then the bougainvillian people may concider allowing the mine to be wishes dennis


Hi! If anyone could give me any contact details for Brother Pat Howley, or anyone else involved with PEACE Foundation Melanesia (an organisation that has conducted community mediation training since 1995) I would be very very appreciative. Thanks!
Naomi Johnstone, NZ National Peace and Conflict Studies Centre, Univeristy of Otago.
Please email me at [email protected]

James (Jimmy) Starkey

Monin nau,
I would like to get in contact with Mathew Ona from Awara. Please email me at [email protected] , any help would be greatly recieved.

I used to work with Mathew for the PMG in Awara, my name is Jimmy Starkey.

Tenkyu tru

Ignatius Hamal

Impressive initiative where "New Dawn FM" gets the latest news to local communities in Bougainville, nationaly or internationally thus, empowering people with information.Most interestingly it is governed by Bougainvilleans and reported in a true Bougainville Spirit compared to the propaganda that downplayed the effects of the 10 year Bougainville Civil War reported by the media that time. Its a wake up call for other institutions in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville to establish their own blog as well. Information is Power.
My Best Wishes
Ignatius Hamal


Great to read and hear about Bougainville. I hope and pray for a better Bougainville and PNG where we live peacefully on common understanding to solve our differences in a meaningful way.

God bless Bougainville and PNG.

Nice blog and congraluations on your new radio station. I think it's a first of it's kind to have your own blog. Great effort.

All the best,

David Ketepa

Detroit, Michigan

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