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Simon Pirika


It's wonderful news to know that you and your organization has wonderful achievements, by been creative and having built an enterprise which is locally centered.

I come from an area, Baimuru in Gulf Province Papua New Guinea which has an environment very suitable to go into Agriculture Farming and cash crop interested into Farming is Cocoa.

Therefore, I and my farmers from Baimuru in Gulf Province are very interested and expression interest in going into business with your organization.

Greatly regards,

Simon Pirika


Hello! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I'm getting fed up of Wordpress because I've had issues with hackers and I'm looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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Congratulations Carolus and team in establishing a new dawn.
This will be a valuable part of bougainville infrastructure and important information and news spread in the province, and entertainment.
All the best in the future
Bob Lawrence
(NBC news port moresby, lae and rabaul 1974-76 and September 1st, 1975 reporters the declaration of independence, Arawa market)

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Morning mauswara ol! Congratulations, especially Paul and Carolus. This is a difficult road start. I am looking forward to hearing and at home, good, good music and incitefull news, commentary and interviews.


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Vpn Gui

Youre so awesome, man! I cant believe I missed this blog for so long. Its just great stuff all round.


I am coming back to your site for additional before long.

Sahun Dash

Peter LATU????? The only way to treat your homesick desease is to go home and visit for once! Petats Island is waiting for you. Take Michael and Tsibil home to see the relies. I went home last year and loved it.
Anyway good to hear from you and give my regards to Lesley if you see her next time. Tsi bong tan.

Jerome Semos

My Belated Very Happy New Year and "New Dawn" Greetings to one and all at New Dawn HQ, Buka, AROB. May I wish the Board, Reporters and Workers every best wishes and great successes in 2012.
The New Dawn Team should be acknowledged and commended for the creative and proactive ways of delivering news, current affairs, images and infotainment and for the vital connection with the AROB community/population, PNG and the international community.
It's truly a must for a great read. Teng yu tru, olgeta.

Rachael Konaka

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to the hard working staff of New Dawn sation. Thank you for your detail coverage of the North Bougainville BY Election this year. All the best with your Election awareness and I hope the radio waves will penetrate right through the rural community so that our people are well informed about their rights to vote

Oddmund Penner, Cold Lake, Alberta.

Your story is inspirational. Praise to Jesus for victory!

Peter Latu

Hello to all,
I accidently, or was it faith that got me to find your good station. I read with great interest, and that had made me somewhat homesick I had no idea how much I have missed home.

I will say hello to Thomas Kathoa who may still remember me,such a long time ago.

Peter Latu

Jeffrey Noro

I wish New Dawn a prosperous new year and thank you for keeping everyone informed throughout 2010. I trust 2011 will be even better!
Well, I've read and am very pleased with the pace and kind of developmental progress taking place in Bougainville be it infrustructure, economic or social. And the future is looking brighter with the recent signing of various MOUs with the Chinese government.
As an academic/researcher, I would like to suggest that maybe ABG should make use of this relationship and negotiate for postgraduate scholarships for Bougainvilleans to study in China. With the draw down of powers (for education??) from the National Govt, the education department should vigourously pursue higher education opportunities not only with China but other countries as well.We have to start training a knowledgeable human capital if we are to have a university with the objective to provide; instruction in skills; the promotion of the general powers of the mind so as to produce not mere specialists but rather cultivated men and women; to maintain research in balance with teaching, since teaching should not be separated from the advancement of learning and the search for truth; and to transmit a common culture and common standards of citizenship.

Research Scholar
University of British Columbia


I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

Rakfa Johnboy

Congatulation to you,Carlous for connecting Asitavi High School and give a highligth to the world...keep the same spirit.Warm regards

Rakfa Johnboy


I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!


I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!


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Elizaberth Kadora

hello Bougainvillians,
have a peacefull living

Peter Sepe

Congratulations to New Dawn FM team,for reaching such a milestone in your community radio initiative.I am really proud to hear my old buddies Sam Bena and Paul Haliken with the team of all experience radio journalist.Keep up the good work.
Peter Sepe,
P.O.Box 713,
Central Qld.4680,

allan warwick

still think about tinputzs ,remember me ,carolus paul mario from when I was at sabah,then later buying cococ
cheers allan

Pedro Henrique Risse

Hello, I´m from Brasil and I live in the city of Porto Alegre. I´m a filmmaker and photgrapher here. I saw the National Geographic documentary Coconut Revolution yesterday and that´s how i got knowledge of Bougainville. Your history is very painful but also beautiful. The people of Bougainville is a great example of creativity, struggle, unity and respect for nature to all the humanity. I would like to know more data about the Bougainville situation nowadays. Is this a 100% independet country ? What is the economy base ? Are there foreign industries nowadays in there? There are airports? How many people live in Bougainville? and so on...

Thanks for the example and congratulations for your achievements!


I'm newbie here, I hope to get friends at this forum

Anderas Schwarz

Ich wünsche allen Menschen in Bougainville das sich die Geschichte nicht wiederholt und das BCL/RioTinto endlich seine Schuld an dem Desaster der Panguna Mine eingesteht und midestens 50% der Gewinne an Bougainville zurückzahlt und die Gegend um den Jabariver vollständig auf eigene Kosten säubert und renaturiert. Meekamui hat eine goldene Zukunft wenn Ihr zusammenhaltet. Viele Grüsse aus Berlin. PS: ist es möglich New Dawn FM als Stream oder podcast zu hören?

TRANSLATION BY BABYLON - I wish all the people of Bougainville that the story is not repeated, and the BCL/Rio Tinto finally has guilt for the disaster of the Panguna Mine and acknowledges that at least 50% of the profits to go to Bougainville to repay the people and clean up the area around the Jaba River entirely at their own expense. Meekamui has a golden future if you hold together. Many greetings from Berlin. PS:Is it possible for New Dawn FM to stream or hear as a podcast?

Sam Sasara Tohui

Its great to learn that New Dawn FM has gone a step further to be recosgnised internationally. Well done and congratulations to everyone who have been involved in these wonderful project.


Anthony Rovesi. Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia.

Congratulations to you all, the New Dawn Team for this wonderfull development.It is another achievement to be proud of.

Steven Pihani Tohui

Hello to you all at NEW DAWN FM RADIO STATION,
I am very HAPPY to hear that now we have our own FM Station on Bougainville Island,
Every sucess to you all when Christ is the Head of this Fm Radio station.When reporting the true comes blessing..
Also Iam happy to have my daughter working with you there.Her name is Joyce Tohui..

I want her to EMAIL me on this
address: [email protected]

May God bless all.

Steven Pihani Tohui.
Tonu City.

Julie Zyzniewski

Hi Carolus. Good to see that you are still following your passion. Best of luck on the venture. Hi to Mario & Paul too. Julie Z Brisbane

James Dash

Wonderful developments! Terrific to see all these "names from the past - from the archives of my mind". Congratulations to you all

regardz from Borroloola NT AU
james dash
[email protected]

Sahun Dash

My greetings to you Carolus and all involved in this fantastic achievement! Great idea, wonderful work and wish you all the best. Keep up the link.

Don Hook

Carolus - It's wonderful to learn that you and Radio Dawn are in good shape. It is now 20 years since I last saw you at the Brisbane Expo...and a lot has happened since then. Jane and I spent about two months in PNG in 2007 as volunteers tutoring children at Dylup, about 70km from Madang. The children are studying by correspondene through the Dubbo School of Distance Learning in NSW. I tried on several occasions to telephone but no luck. However, I did meet Ian Boden and my old Bundi mate Theo Tuya. Best wishes Carolus. Don Hook

June Maru

I am so very proud to see Bougainville up to date news on the internet.

I am also in the media and law so hope to one day come back home (although I left as a child my love for bougainville is so deeply seated in my heart) and work to re-build my beloved island...........I SALUTE YOU NEW DAWN!!!!

Vincent Namekat

Well done all. I enjoyed reading A.Laukai's background info on the inception of NEW DAWN FM. I will be a regular visitor to this site.Keep it up! Keep it current.

Wendy Mckay

Please can you include more photos of the arrival in Buka,that one photo doesn't really show how it was done. Even better if some one has a little video clip of the ceremony.

Mike Forster

Morning ol mauswara! Congratulations, especially to Paul and Carolus. It has been a hard road from the onset. I look forward to be home and hearing that good,good music and incitefull news, comments and interviews.

Rae Smart

Carolus, Good to see you at the helm on Bougainville and in radio once more! Communication via radio is vital to the education/information disbursement process to communities, be it rural or urban. And thus towards the "New Dawning" of a peaceful era and one of progress and prosperity on Bougainville. Good luck to all the endeavors taken through this venture.
Rae Smart
P.O. Box 1457, Noosa Heads Qld. 4567
Australia. email: [email protected]

Aloysius Laukai

Latest News.

ABG PRESIDENT last Friday Launched Bougainville's own APPEAL to help the Victoria Fire victims. With a initial donation of K10,000.

PRESIDENT said that the K10,000 was peanut to Australia however from Bougainville it was a contribution from the heart of the people of Bougainville.

The Australian State Minister will pick up the funds when he comes to Bougainville next month.

The Appeal will include wheel barrow push,corporate dinner walkathone and other activities, New Dawn Fm will do a live phonathon to support the people of Bougainville.

Martin Hadlow

Splendid news, Aloysius. It really sounds as if Bougainville is on the road to permanent reconciliation and a long-term peaceful outcome to its nightmare recent past. And "New Dawn FM" is there exactly when it's're part of the solution and a true voice for all the people. Keep up the good work.

Aloysius Laukai

New Dawn Fm has just covered the latest move by the ABG President to talk to all factions of the Bougainville conflict including Warlords from the 20 year old Bougainville conflict.

All have agreed to work together for Bougainville

Good News Indeed.


Bob Lawrence

Congratulations to Carolus and the team on establishing New Dawn.
This will be a valuable part of the Bougainville infrastructure and crucial to spreading information and news in the Province, as well as entertaining people.
All the best for the future
Bob Lawrence
(NBC News Port Moresby, Lae and Rabaul 1974-76 and reporter at the September 1 1975 Declaration of Independence, Arawa Market)

Martin Hadlow

Greetings to Carolus, Aloysius and the whole New Dawn FM team. Congratulations again on this tremendous community radio initiative. It's especially nice to see the names of a couple of other old friends, Paul Haliken and Sam Bena, listed as key members of the team.

Paul and Sam were 'on-air' stars at Radio Bougainville back in the 1970s when 'Maus blong Sankamap' was based in Kieta. It's wonderful to see that so many former DIES/NBC hands have maintained their interest in using the medium of radio to assist and improve the lives of their fellow citizens.

This Blog is just another evolutionary step in the whole process of ensuring that the people of Bougainville have access to quality and reliable news and information. Well done to all. It is a continuing pleasure for me to have been, with Keith and Phil, a small part of New Dawn FM 95.3 since its inception. Thank you for that pleasure and honour.

Wishing you continued success...and hoping I can come back to Buka one day to see the station in operation.

Phil Charley

Hello to you, Carolus, my old friend. Every success to you, Aloysius and all who work at New Dawn FM. A wonderful enterprise! It's taken much hard work to achieve what you all have.The station will go on from strength to strength -- it's in the best of hands. Warm regards,

Phil Charley

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