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A Landowner under the Panguna Special Mine Lease area, PATRICK HEROMATE has supported calls made by the BCL Board of Directors Chairman, SIR MEL TOGOLO last night on New Dawn FM that they are ready to support the Government of Bougainville to raise the revenue needed for the Independent Bougainville.
MR HEROMATE who comes from Lower Tailings area of the SML told New Dawn FM that Bougainville government must take this offer and make it happen.
He said that the Panguna landowners met last December and decided to work with the ABG to open the closed Panguna mine.
MR. HEROMATE says that Bougainville is sitting on these minerals and looking for monies.
He said we should now talk with ABG and BCL to agree on the way forward for Bougainville.
MR. HEROMATE said after all BCL is our company and we must make some quick moves to benefit from these resources.


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