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25 November 2014


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Sam Maiha

United We Stand; Divided we Fall.

Let there be Patriotism on both sides of the divide rather than Nationalism.

We need each other to attain to our fullest potential and Dreams.


Em nau first things first. We cannot really build Bougainville on unploughed soil. We cannot plant seeds among thorns. Thorns have to be removed before we do anything else. This reconciliation is removal of just one of those thorns.

Our future generation are supposed to grow and succeed on soil that has been prepared by the present generation.

The famous Psalmist (King David) said; "If the LORD does not build, the work of the builder is useless."

Better to build with God than reject HIM in all the recovery processes in Bougainville. God will give the wisdom to build a successful Bougainville.


Fair enough: but let us think beyond this..let us take this as a necessary formality of what our hearts really hold::::but let us not loose focus on what we must offer every child in order for success in this globalized world:::hanging on to the past and intimidating citizens is a recipe for disaster:::


Beautiful thing happening!
I believe it is the fullness of time for this to happen and the perfect timing after what was initially done by those Christian Soldiers who went to Bougainville in 2007 to reconcile spiritually and meet the then President of Bougainville late Joseph Kabui.
Seven years later is God's perfect timing!
I salute all the ex-combatants, the PNGDF and the general public for their support.
If Bougainville is ever going to recover fully, it must reconcile with the PNGDF and release one another.
I am very happy!


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