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18 August 2014


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Alexander Pinoko

thank you very much as I'm the one of the traveler in 2012 by mv rabaul queen from buka to Rabaul,I send my very thanks to ABG for the good support for the citizens of AROB aspersedy the student of Bougainville to travel go to institution in PNG,,


I agree entirely with this Joint Venture. No body should try to score any political points over this enterprise which is a purely economic one.

Sir Chow of course is no stranger to shipping or Bougainville for that matter. His family owned and operated Coastal Shipping Ltd, a company which served the NGI and Bougainville prior to and during the crisis. The company became one of the many innocent business entities that suffered get loss during the crisis. One of their ships was burnt by the BRA in the port of Kieta.

I hear that some some ex-combatant commander has questioned the shareholding in the venture. My advice to him and the likes of him is to shut up and turn his gun into a grass knife or a cocoa pruner and if he can find it in his heart, perhaps he can reconcile with Sir Henry and pay him compensation for his innocent loss. That would not be too hard given the millions he and his cohorts have gained from scrap metal.

And finally, I again agree entirely with Joseph on the need to bring in institutions of higher learning and technical colleges into the Region for while everything else is important we will not progress in this modern world without an educated, moral and wise citizenry. We are not short of intelligence - we have an over supply of that. However, intelligence is of no benefit without godly wisdom and morality.


Dear all,
For a change there is something good to be proud about... this is good partnership,,, the ship will serve BVILLE well,,,, including other paying customers,,,,

this is the type of partnership that must be welcome...Now let us craft another partnership for one or two colleges and a university on BVILLE,,,, finally I have something good to cheer and write on this blog


Yes Bougainvilleans should all be proud and the ship (MV CHEBU) will surely help with traveling between the NGI region and part of the mainland of PNG

Cheers and Salute to all our leaders


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