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03 April 2014


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Every individual has the right to his/her own opinion. And every one is a creator. So whatever one is creating whether good or evil so be it. His/her rewards are eternal (Life or Death).

Joshua Lanis

Don't forget one thing,A COIN HAS TWO SIDES;which of these two sides you a in? What I think is,many of us are only looking at one side of the coin and most of us don't really know what's on the other side of the coin because we've been brain wash by the intruders.consider yourself as living in a real world not in a dream world. You really have to think hard to find out the real you and be a smart Bougainvillean.


That is correct: Thomas Edition was using the science of electro-magetic fields and the related properties of induction and conduction associated with the flow of electrons and protons which leads to the changing of energy from one form to another (thus creating light). This can be easily proven using mathematical transforms and theorems: I was fortunate enough to major in this whilst doing my undergrad:

We can not say the same of your scheme, Jonathan. You ain't Thomas Edition, are you?

Jonathan Maita

When Thomas Edition spoke of electricity and the light bulb all the educated and well-informed ones of that era called him "crazy, stupid and mentally retarded". Let's not argue but wait and see who amongst us is truly mentally retarded.


Dear Jonathan,

I want to share one final word before I close my participation on this topic: I ask you to make every effort to educate your children to the highest possible level. They must be competent enough to survive in this highly competitive world: They must be able to make decisions based on good rationale rather than hear say, or rhetoric.

Jonathan, and please do not try to influence your relatives with your own opinions, views or perceptions. Rather, let your relatives be guided by facts, figures and evidence based information. This is only way avoid being conned:




Cargo cult,,, is the closest conclusion, perhaps one can draw from all this:::


Oh really, and which currencies will the BVK or MKD for that matter compliment, I might ask? Its one thing to print fancy notes with fancy sounding names and yet another to have a currency that is legal and worth the paper that it is printed on.

And by the way what will happen when that crazy man who calls himself a King dies? Am just curious because if I am ever going to be his subject I might as well know who his successor will be. Or perhaps he might never die for as one pastor who was with him in Tonu once told me not too long ago, the man was begotten of the holy spirit just like Jesus was. Can anything be crazier than that?

Jonathan Maita

Most people only know the concept of one currency for every nation. Very few understand the concept of "complementary currencies". I believe U-Vistract has 8 complementary currencies and BVK is one of them. They are now preparing to print the Meekamui Dollar (KMD). They're trying to get us out of the present Rothschild central banking system that uses 'one-currency for one-country'. In this way everyone will always have sufficient funds in their possession in any currency which are convertible into each other anytime when needed. Just my thoughts and contribution.


Ezekiel and Jonathan: Your comments show just how you and your cohorts went far below delusion.

I feel very sorry for you guys, I hope one day you'll come to realise the BVK is and will never worth any. Even if we get Independent, we'll have a different currency.

My Challenge to you two is; try pay a PMV fare or air fair or buy something from a shop or market away from Tonu with your BVK and tell us how it works out for you. I'm sure you've been rejected many times but you're so damn Delusional to realise, admit and come back the real world


O God save us from the gullible for they know not what is real and save them from themselves too. By the way is it any coincidence that the theme scripture for the failed Uvistract scheme was Jn. 19:30 "It is finished" (KJV)? Prophetic indeed! For everyone who put money into the scheme never saw it again and never will for indeed "it is finished." So if you are still clinging on to a dream that will never come true, come out of it. NOW!


Ezekiel and Jonathan: Seriously I sympthasize with the two of you: You seem to be suffering from a serious syndrome and I really think that you both need counselling:

You have no idea what is involved in FOREX, et cetera. It is probably, a buzz word that you circulate among your gossip group, to the detriment of everyone: Please donot confuse our people.

GOD speaks to us in many verses of the bible regarding wealth and success. Ultimately, he tells us to work hard, study hard, educate our people, be ethical and have moral values et cetera..... God does not tell us to sit back and expect miracles, and to have illusions about wealth and success: YOu both seem to be suffering from a serious syndrome... Please seek counselling:::

Ezekiel Moi

The fact remains that everything in the world starts from step 1, then goes to steps 2, 3, 4 and so on. According to the founders, BVK is now in its 4th step. On the 5th step it will appear on the FOREX. When that happens Bougainville will have no choice but to use BVK as our only legal tender. There's no hurry. Let's get busy with what we are doing and let it's founders complete what they have started. I'm sure they will definitely complete it and make us proud.


PNGK is the only legal tender in PNG. Take BVK to one of colleages, universities, schools to pay for student's school fees and you will be embarrassed:

Every man and their dog knows that there is only one legal tender in PNG. Please, please, please many of us are educated so let us help our families by offering the correct information. We have a duty toward our families, clan, tribe, community and the region as a whole:

People must not be misled::::------->>>>>>:::::


Jonathan your dream that the BVK will become Bougainville's legal tender will never ever eventuate. You can circulate it up to the heavens and to depths of sea and beyond and nothing will change. Wide circulation of illegal currency does not make it legal. For one thing you do not even have a country to start off with let alone a legal government. Simply put the glossy BVK is not worth the paper it is printed on. If you want to prove it take it Steven Ipiung's supermarket in Arawa and see if it can be accepted there.

Bougainville will one day have its own currency after it gains independence. There is no mistake about that.But it definitely will NOT be BVK. You can mark my words for that. In the meantime strive hard to save as much PGK as possible because it is the only legal tender for Bougainville.


Let me just say this! it is impossible for BVK or whatever its name is to become legal tender tommorrow: Highly unlikely! BVK is the work of cunning foreigners who want to see Bougainville continue to suffer: They will do everything under the sun to confuse our people:

Tell me, can you buy a packet of rice at JOMIG with BVK? And can JOMIG use the BVK earnings to buy cargo from tropicana?? And can Tropicanna use it to order supply from China, Australia or UK? Totally impossible:

We have important things/issues to identify and address,,, pleeeaaase lets not confuse our people even more, with this meaningless BVK:::

inap nau..... plisss.... inap nau.....

Save yufala karim ya,,, na how now,,, you talk like confused?????

Jonathan Maita

The fact of the matter remains that Bougainville is still divided into two governments - ABG and Meekamui. The Meekamui & UV are proudly using BVK as their legal tender while ABG promotes PGK as legal tender. As long as the division remains BVK will continue circulating. The question is, what will we say if BVK appears on the FOREX tomorrow? Are we going to keep brushing it aside as illegal? Is there any way these two governments can talk and reconcile before things get out of hand?


Paul Kamuai is doing the right thing: He is right by saying that the activities in Tonu are illegal and beyong the legal framework of the independent state of PNG:

Yufala mas learn long harim tok: Yumi olgeta mas harim tol blo government:


People must not be misled by those with ulterior motives: This is the work of those who donot understand the working of modern economies: There is only one legal tender in PNG, and BVILLE is still part of PNG, so pleeeeaasssse donot misled the people:

Tell your all your family members that there is only one legal tender in PNG, which is the PNG KINA:

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