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28 April 2014


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Channel, you said it. We need well educated, experienced, vibrant and energetic leaders both for the ABG and the national government to take us through these tough times. Our people in the communities need also awareness/education on how to vote leaders instead of favoritism and corruption. This is the crucial period for good and strong leadership within and externally.


Dear Chanel,

I want to thank you for your comments: I am not a supporter of Joe Lera, but this man is demonstrating a totally new style of leadership: I am begining to put Joe Lera in the same basket as Powee Parkop and Peter Ipatas. His focus on Education really is encouraging:

His efforts to be transparent and accountable is setting the benchmark to another level, one that was never seen before by people on BVILLE: Again I am from Siwai but I am not a supporter of Joe Lera but I am a strong supporter for improvement in Education and Health and infrastructure levels on BVILLE:

Thank you again Chanel and God bless BVILLE:



The Regional Member has hit the nail on the head.i I agree entirely with him that what we need now is a well educated political leadership in the House of Representatives. I should say, however, that not only should the leadership be well educated, it should also be well experienced.

I have in the past said on this column that the first two Houses are the most crucial in our political history as we move towards the Referendum. Crucial because these and the Administration have the arduous task of implementing the Peace Agreement, setting up the institutions of government that the Bougainville Constitution created, develops policies and make laws.

The positive developments in Bougainville Public Service is a good example of an educated leadership, led by an educated Minister and ably assisted by a academically qualified and experienced Chief Administrator(cum Chief Secretary). And it should not come as a surprise to anybody that the two Divisions that are taking the lead in the draw down of powers - Health and Education - are where they are because of the credentials of their respective Heads and their managements.

Therefore the electorate should take heed of Mr. Lera's call and return an educated and experienced House come 2015. Enough of the illiterate or semi-illiterates that we have been returning in the last two Houses who unfortunately have viewed their role as mere cargo boys. And that should equally apply to our National MPs.

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