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02 November 2013


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Some pure Bougainvilleans have been known to leave a lot of government or donor funded projects half complete,not complete or if completed of very poor quality. If you live in the Region you will know what I am talking about. Mangi west coast's point is about quality work for money's worth. It is encouraging to see a lot of Pure Bougainvilleans as you put it engaged in fields which, hitherto, had been undertaken by outsiders. That is a plus for us but if quality is not delivered at the end of the day Bougainville will be the loser. Look at all the money that was pumped into Bougainville for restoration (estimated to be some K2b). What is there to show for all that money. Nothing, you would agree. And that is because the money was either embezzled by corrupt Bougainvillean public servants or paid to Bougainvillean individuals and companies, whether legitimately or corruptly, who did not possess the necessary skills and experience so that they can deliver a quality product or work at the end the day.

So let us not get excited just because the sealing is being done by "pure Bougainvilleans." But on the same token lets not judge them before they have complete the job. I am sure they know what they are are doing otherwise they would not have been awarded the contract in the first place.

And don't you ask me what my contribution is like one commentator asked Mangi West Coast, because I am one of those like Mangi West Coast and others whose income tax is bank rolling ABG and the project in question. To that end I too legitimately demand quality from this group who supposedly are experts in this field.

Granted,I will give the contractor the benefit of a doubt and await to salute them in 5 years time if their work holds.

Vive la Bougainville!

Tony Malamo

Manki west cost, the road linking to your place or home its been built by Pure Bougainvilleans Other wise you were making your ways through the Pitpit to come to Buka. You think twice about it and you should be supporting Bougainvilleans who are trying their best. The Quality of work you talking about your wait and you will see..Dont charge the book by its cover
Tony Malamo

Sam Bagana

We need to be careful and possibly fair here. The best practice market rate for road sealing is about USD1.5M @ kilometer which translates to about K3.5M@kilometer.

That would mean PGK70M to undertake a high quality seal of the Kokopau to Siara section or twenty kilometers.

If they are sealing 20 Kilometers for PGK20M, they are doing an excellent job indeed at 1/3 of the expected cost.

A word of caution

mangi west coast

I totally disagree with Tony. I dont care whether they are Bougainvillean Company or not, we want a good quality work. We want companies and people with the knowlege,Machinery and technical expert on sealing to do the job.We don't want to see the road back to square one after two months.

Paul Fernandez (Philippines)

A road is a symbol of hope and the desire to persevere...let this 20 km project be a reminder to every Bougainvillean that the choices you make whether as a nation or as an individual is like choosing a road that will lead this nation to progress or to its doom.

Rise Bougainville Rise!

Tony Malamo

Don't underestimate those who are responsible they are Bougainvilleans they will do it

Tony Malamo

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