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29 August 2013


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I think best to address the overdue issues before talking about re opening of the sleeping giant copper mine. Rio Tinto Ltd and the national government have to make their clear stand and stop hiding away and saying that everything is well.
We lost thousands of lives during the crises and please address this outstanding matters.

Rodney Kameata

Paul, thanks for the comments, my assessment is that it will be first things first, Rio Tinto/ BCL got to sort out the mess created at Panguna and the tailings - issue of corporate social responsibility. For the landowners, it is resolving all the local issues first, prior even any talk about mine re-opening, we have to have solution for the waste discharge before even talking about re-opening, or even sale of the mine to the chinese or whoever. For ABG and the landowners - they need to also know about the present value of the mine. Till this is known we can talk about negotiations and re-opening it. For ABG the capacity issues will haunt them, if they are not careful in management of the negative social and environmental impact. Lessons from other parts of PNG need to be learned, and used to pave way forward.


Bougainville is MEKAMUI, MORAHE.....Holy land,,,passed on from our fore fathers to us and we have to look after it for our future generations...NOT CHINA, RIO TINTO...These vultures are just watching and waiting to harvest, carnibalize, confiscate,,,and destroy our GOD given resources...In the end we get less than 1% of the total revenue according to a PhD thesis by Jerry Semos..... Let them sell shares to whoever they like, its normal business, if they want to dig out and carnibalize our resources they have to swing to our tune....On our terms NOT theirs..


Rodney Kameata and Joseph
again my questions:

1 What will we do if the company Rio Tinto LTD. sells the BOUGAINVILLE COPPER LTD. shares to the Government of China?
2. What will we do if the company BOUGAINVILLE COPPER LTD. sells its Bougainville investments to the Government of China?


I have nothing against BCL or ABG regarding their attempts to re-open the mine but I see trouble ahead. Trouble that will be on a higher scale than before. Already there are disputing parties each with their own positions (e.g Daviona, Miringtoro,landsowners are also divided), the president seems to be ignoring very sensitive issues embedded within the livelihoods of those who were directly affected by the war...Basically Bougainville has NOT fully healed yet,,,so why the rush to re-open the mine.....

How are you going to remove the road block at the Morgan junction? This road block is no longer manned by Ismael, Kauona, Uma,,,,THIS ROAD block is manned by illiterate Bougainvilleans who will re-produce other illiterate siblings to keep manning the road block....Obviously these people wont be getting jobs with BCL because they can not read and write...They have not been to school....They will feel rejected...BUT if you forcefully remove them, they will turn into snipers, who will continue to distrupt the mine....So my friends before you even dream of re-opening the mine, educate the population first,,,, spend money on more schools, an educated population will be in a better position to fully participate in the economy in which mining may be a possible element.....

tingting gut......

Rodney Kameata

Thanks the issue that even ABG is not raising is how do we make Rio Tinto and BCL accountable for its ACTIONS on Bougainville. This is an issue that Landowners will have the option of pursuing so that if the sale ever takes place, then Rio Tinto/ BCL has to compensate Bougainville. It is this discussion that the president needs to also pursue at the same time while talking about mining. The other critical issue that we have raised at jpncc level is the present asset value of Panguna, so that we know what we negotiating over, ABG to date has not pursued this, but for Landowners certainly will be an issue that will be taken up as negotiation founding principles.


For your information. The Chinese are already major shareholders in BCL's parent company, Rio Tinto.


We have to speak on the final forum on Panguna Negotiations about this questions:
1 What will we do if the company Rio Tinto LTD. sells the BOUGAINVILLE COPPER LTD. shares to the Chineese Government?
2. What will we do if the company BOUGAINVILLE COPPER LTD. sells its Bougainville investments to the Chineese Government?

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