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28 August 2013


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shame pasin from Pirika. Coming election, rausim em na votim niupla member husat i gat sampla moa save liklik....

Mipla tait pinis long ol 2t politician nabaut


Yes, Pirika ran away from the Seminar because em no save lo read tu yah, Grade 8 drop out yah, how em ba answerim ol questions blo ol professionals in Pom who are mostly very senior public servants in the National Government. What a shame SPK?


Yes, showcasing our cultures, unique traditions requires time, effort and money. Trying to promote tourism also requires alot of effort and sadly our mentality and attitute especially by our youths needs to addressed, nogut ol kainkain cultural shows and our effort to promote tourism will be a wáste..


Steven Pirika chickened out in the last minute from the recent POM seminar where he was scheduled to speak on the role of NCOBA. His director had already written the speech for him to read, he sat there but with just 20 minutes to go, he got up and asked his director to give the speech,,, saying he was going for another meeting....yet he is the custodian to the most important ministry.....BOugainville affairs....leaves a lot to be desired....

Kayla M

I think its just a waste of money. Showing culture without changing the mentality of the people for the betterment of the future.

Camilla Meree

About tyme samting olsem kamap. Looking forward to it.

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