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07 March 2013


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Paul A. Fernandez (Philippines)

The future of Bougainville is in the hands of every Bougainvillian. The approach of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela may be radical but he involved the communities in plotting development. They were allowed to decide what they want to happen in their communities, they decide as a community, the funds are entrusted to them and not in the hands of a few thus curbing corruption. It is about time that leaders walk the talk and every member of the community be involved. It took ten long painful years for Bougainville to gain its autonomy and come out with the Bougainville Peace Agreement. Let it not take another ten long years before everyone decides what to do to make Bougainville move forward. Every little things done to improve the community will contribute to the improvement of the nation as a whole.


I salute you James Biscoe. Amidst the short sightedness so abundantly manifested within the political holy grail, we still have excellent thinkers such as James. Please keep the fire burning.


James Biscoe

Has progress been made in implementing the ten year cocoa development programme which ABG developed and approved in 2011? This would increase cocoa yields by up to 10x. Current yield averages 300kgs per hectare. THe best growers with new approach produce 3000kgs per hectare every year. Average farmers could do 1500kgs per hectare per year. This would boost incomes of 30 000 families over 10 years but only if they put in the effort. No free money from the sky. Technology is avalable on BOugainville just needs rolling out. Village Cocoa Development Companies owned and run by farmers. Regional cocoa company owned by Village Companies to supply inputs and market the product. Better than mining as cocoa is renewable while minerals are not!Details all avalable at Commerce and DPI in Buka.

Leonard Roka

Review autonomy and at the same time play responsible leadership as Bougainvilleans

Leonard Roka

Few thinkers claim that the BPA that paved the way for autonomy was a imposed peace deal on the people of Bougainville and to a larger extent does not reflect the Bougainvilleans thoughts and that is one of the reasons that the process on BOUGAINVILLE as being on the snail pace... if so, can the review put things right?...

Anywhere, it is a multilateral issue thus stakeholders need be in for the review.

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