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08 February 2013


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J. K. Semos, PhD - DWU, Madang

It's quite interesting to read and note that RIO, through BCL, is very adamant about returning to Panguna; not surprising to say the least. My informed view is that RIO/BCL should make a calculted return to Panguna as they have learnt their lesson the hard way and purported redemption will be VERY BIG for LOs, ABG and AROB.

The maxim/saying: "It's better to deal with the devil you know, rather the devil you do not know" should be the guiding approach to the second coming of RIO/BCL. It's now up to the Panguna LOs, ABG and AROB people to decide RIO/BCL's second coming.

RIO/BCL wants a mine; LOs wants a mine; ABG wants a mine and AROB people wants a mine - this window of opportunity is here - for sustained development, growth and posterity for all in AROB.

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