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28 December 2012


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peter boken

one hundred thousand kina for haku day high school will only benifit the board of members. The chairman uses the money how he wants.Too much complains had been raised in the past years. nothing to proof how the previous allocation form Lauta atoi MP for north bougainville had been used.


I guess the complementary funding from the open members will extend the exercise to the other schools. The regional member is the first to be announcing his share. The open members must support such initiative.


Good on you Mr. Regional member. This is good start. But we must not forget that this is just one aspect in the school improvement program value chain. Recently I returned from the village, where one of the local chiefs was being accused of consuming some funds for the local school there.

While the regional member has good intentions, the local leaders must also be seen to be accountable. Monies must be used for the intended purposes. Is there a need for training on this aspect?


 Peter  Wakunai

Joel, I agree with you. In Bougainville today, KUNUA, KERIAKA,MANETAI etc have high illitercy rate. Governor needs to know that and asist them in order to develope them in terms of human resources so that they are in par with areas like Siwai which is already leading.
Joel is an Education Dept lawyer and knows more than us in terms of education services in PNG and AROB.He also knows the proper procedures of using RESI funds according to the Education Policies


I would not start judging on what schools he is giving funds to untill the end of his term, i would like to believe that he will start with this schools and fend out to other districts in the course of his term in parliament...fingers crossed

 Joel Minsipi

Schools in south Bougainville that will benefit are only from Huyono area where Joe Lera comes from.

I dont think this is fair Mr.Lera.

These schools are alraedy well set up. There are schools that need those Resi funds more than those schools you have selected.

Joe, how are you going to asist schools in Manetai, Kunua, Keriaka etc?

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