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08 October 2012


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Angela Paura

What a surprise. The people around Haisi speak 3 languages, Siwai, Nagovis and Bannoni. The people of Haisi should also be very proud because there have been 2 outstanding politicians from this area -
The late Sir Paul Lapun who was one of PNG's founding Constitutional fathers of Papua New Guinea and the current Regional member, Mr.Joseph Lera.

Ray Ban wayfarers

I am really thankful to the owner of this website NEW DAWN ON BOUGAINVILLE: Haisi primary school students who has shared this impressive paragraph at at this place.


Thank you Raymond and Joseph, The purchasing of school uniforms is the responsibility of each schools and the Board. They decided of the logo and the colour as well. I personally admire the beautiful faces of our children even with the clothes they are wearing.

Tony Malamo

Raymond Rukeru

Here's a general question to all visitors of this site. Who is responsible for delivering school Uniforms. Is it our Reginal Member, the Education Departments (both ABG and National Govermment) or individual schools?

I don't think it's the Reginal Member's sole responsibility.


now get your acts together and organize some sort of uniforms for these future leaders. Look at the boy in the middle front row, his shirt looks as if it has seen war years.. Uniforms instill pride in students and encourage and enhance attendance at schools. Dont just go into hiding after being elevated into chieftainhood. Otherwise all that chanting, all that singing, all that rhetoric and all that ritual amounts to nothing and is meaningless to these future leaders. They will blame us for not doing enough for them.

And when they get into trouble, we blame them without self-reflecting on our side of the responsibility....

food for thought!

Sebastian Hurokoli

This is beautiful Photo. Innocent children leaders stand for. Aloysius, thanks for this picture.

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