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27 May 2012


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Sebastian Hurokoli

If it was a real need for the ABG, then only one specialist researcher is enough. What is the purpose of these so called politicians and practioners travelling leaving their responsibilities unattended.


I personnaly blame the ABG ADMIN for this very adsurd decision they have made to waste money on trying to find out the SECRET from other countries.There is no such secret.It appears the Deputy Admnstrator-Policy definitely does not even now the Policy Formulation processes.Why is he occupying the positio? As "miyet"has stated,conduct researches, make a proposal to solve the identified problems and eventually make it a Public Policy so that ABG is obligated to address.There are a couple of UPNG-PPM graduates currently working for ABG who can be consulted for their inputs.This is about time,the arrogant and unqualified old men to go.The longer they are there,they will create opportunities to go for joy rides to enjoy themselves at nightclubs fully funded by ABG.


I do agreed with those of you who raised your comments. I dont think Bougainville will adapt to what the fact finding group will bring to us. Fiji and Tonga their Chieftain system is very well respected by everybody, young people,elders and even their educated elites. We need to make/ teach our people especially the young ones to respect others. A value that was observed very well in the past. The group should carry out their fact findings in our communities before spending the money in a mission that it would not be possible.


felix kameking

I think people are just crazy..trying to copy from other peoples culture.we have our own culture and why do we have to look else where??? Just waste of money that could have been well spend in areas really in need , like rural hospitals and schools..


I totally agree with aga, joseph and lanbong. We should be very cautious with our spending especially when if there are cheaper options to achieving the same goal. ABG has to stop acting like there are billions in the account and focus their spending on much more inportant issues improving health and education facilities in the province. With less spending ABG can engage a bougainvillian UNPNG student to write up a proposal which will be reviewed by its members. Probably send that student and two ABG members who would be heavily involved with this project to Fiji and upon their return will make a presentation to the whole parliament for review. Im 100% sure(could be wrong) that no research has been put into this ptoject and we're sending a delegation without any major discussion or thought.


A total of 9 officers went for this trip@10 thousand per person.Raymond Masono should know better.Instead of formulating home grown policies to strenghten existing institutions to address the issues he has taken a very expensive step.The finance Minister should not release these funds at all.ABG needs more vibrant and educated leaders

Nike Outlets

Verry useull info, thanks.


Can someone stop these lunatics from wasting government money in trying to adopt a totally foreign concept to replace our Chieftain system?A monachy!which means the Paramount chiefs to be called a king instead of Tsunonos,Mumiras, Muumihs etc.Changing the chiefs names is not a solution to the existing social problems.In my opinion, the current chieftain system in Bougainville is OK.However, what this people should consider is educating the wider communities to respect the rules, tabaoos,beliefs morals and the individuals.Provide more funds to educate parents to teach their children to became law abiding.Comparably citizens of Tonga and Fiji are very much law abiding, they greatly respect their elders,have regard for the moral principals and christian values,they understand the RIGHTS AND THE WRONGS. Dont waste money on the trip.Allocate funds to the existing institutions like churches,NGOs etc to conduct awreness programs to restore respect.We had it prior to the Crisis.


Why is this trip being taken when the priority should be to strengthen and train COEs/VAs on their roles and responsibilities.

I believe that if leaders at the COE/VA level knew their roles and responsibilities and how they can access development funds from the ABG, they would be able to perform.

Ever since the formation of the ABG, the COEs/VAs have not received much training. We have created an untrained animal that is running around like a headless chicken.

When they come back to Bougainville and you go and see them, they will utter their favourite saying "THERE ARE NO FUNDS AVAILABLE"


LOL, not just another joy trip? Another of those artificial fact finding trips that amounts to nothing, just like many that have been taken over the years. Just imagine the cost that this trip is going to incur. That money could be well spend on health care needs, or a school library, or a teacher's house in the rural areas where people have been marginalized by an incompetent, irresponsible, ignorant and outright arrogant government run by a bunch of old men.

I bet nothing will come of that useless trip!

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