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26 May 2012


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felix kameking

Thanks NDFM for all the latest update on elections...
Bougainvillians its all upon you to vote for the right leadership that will lead you thru the next five years.Referendum is just around the corner, so please chose the leadership that will make sure that your dreams is realized..

Ricter Kokinai

Thanks ND for the updates. Those of us who are broad much rely on you to see the latest update on election in our Island. please keep updating us.



Thanks Aloysius for this, I was constantly checking your blog,for this. All I can say is let the people decide on who will lead them for the next five years. The Island is just paradise, ,full of so many resources not only copper but others as well that could be exploited sustainably but yet our people continue to live in absolute poverty and this is likey to continue until we get the right combination of corruption free and good leadership. A leadership that knows how economies work and a leadership that will recognise the challenges and opportunities brought about by this highly interconnected world. The challenges and opportunities of globalization.....

Electing good leadership also hinges of well informed voters. What you see is what you get!

Good luck to everyone!


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