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03 January 2011


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   Rod Hardy

I am late in hearing the sad news of the passing of dear William Takaku.
I saw his image on an Air New Guinea inflight magazine and new he was Man Friday . I was in the early stages of pre production for Robinson Crusoe and searching the world for the right actor. It was certainly him. Our casting director Lynne Ruthven auditioned William along with a number of other people but told me with excitement William knocked it out of the park. She was spot on.
During filming William Pierce Brosnan and I shared many hours discussing life....
I learnt so much from both men.
He will live on.... He was loved.
My thoughts are with his wife and children.
I am grateful to have known him... Rod Hardy director of Robinson Crusoe

Lynne Ruthven

I only found out recently of William's passing.
I was lucky to have known him and worked with him casting him in Robinson Crusoe. From the first time I met him I felt his incredible aura and energy and I know he changed me in some way. He had an enormous talent and a big heart.
And a dedication to the PNG arts community.a great man.

pedro bambi

my condolence to Willian Takaku death i miss him
because last week i watched the movie ROBINSON CRUISOE and i liked the he played.he will never be forgotten for ever and a day.

pedro bambi
from:Angola, luanda
offshore/ rig drilling

Musinke Roi

Iam really saddened to have heard of the passing away of the Late William Takaku. You have done so much as an actor,Bougainville will miss you. May Your Soul Rest in Peace.

Musinke Roi

Montfort Leahy

A great man, and will surely missed. RIP William

Ben Hakalitz

Im shocked and sadden by the news of Bro Williams passing.He was truly a great man,keeper of our melanesian way in theatre,arts and music.
Im honoured to have shared the same stage with him on many occasions in promoting our culture,music ,arts and dance.
Rest in Peace my brother,my thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Ben Hakalitz

Monica Dutton

OOOh dear, what a sad news? Condolence to his families and relatives and many friends! Rest In Peace Mr William Takaku.
Love Robinson Crusoe, still have the signed copy, and am sure there is still many more that people will remember you.


Yang Yansom

Bigman, you will be missed. A great lost to your people, png as a whole and more. A very humble person, a grassroots playwright, director, actor, environmentalist. Fly on WT!

Rest in Peace.

Yang Yansom

Leeroy Imako

He was at my my house just a few days before. i couldn't believe it when i heard of his passing. What a tragic loss to Bougainville. He was a great man. My condolences to his family. May you rest in peace Uncle Pakia.

Francis Tauria

My condolence to the family and friends of this very unique great Bougainviilian, the late William Takaku.
At the time of his passing away William was a Papua New Guinea film, television and theatre actor. He was also a screenwriter and former theatre director. He was a former director of the National Theatre Company in Papua New Guinea.
He co-wrote, with Albert Toro, and directed the television miniseries (Warriors in transit) 1992
William Takaku has also directed the Milne bay provincial theatre group.
As an Actor, he co-starred as Man Friday alongside Pierce Brosnan in the film Robison Crusoe (1997) and appeared as Magnus in the television miniseries (The Violent Earth)
May You Rest In Peace

JN Kopana

It is with great sadness that I read this news of your passing on. OVONGTUNA' TAKAKU,-Grounded in basic human values, your lateral interogation of issues and and your trademark elegant presentations of these will be missed. You have blessed us with your writings, songs, drama and the un-relenting pursuit of our values(culture).

May you rest in Peace.


My Reflections on The Man

I came to know William Takaku while I was in high School when he came seeking for young school boys and girls at the time to join his art group. I believed he must have been visiting schools in the region for the same reason. However, it was only gradually that I began to understand and appreciate the man and what he does.

His death is a national loss and a much bigger one for the region as not many people out there, as far as I know, are in his area except people like Albert Toro who forgo being an actor to do something a little bit different and eventually ended up going home for good (I believe he is doing something worthwhile at home). Willie was a musician, playwright and actor-means of communication through which he handed on to others feelings he has lived through that others might also experience them and in doing so, become better people since the skills of an artist (in my thinking) are gifts given by God for the purpose of disclosing beauty and truth to others. He has his unique and characteristic style and his artistic talents were internationally recognized when he was asked to act in the famous ‘Robinson Crusoe’ film with Kevin Brosman. He is a man of many achievements and yet he could have taken another step forward if he was still alive for the region and for PNG as a whole, because his focus (as I understand him) was not so much upon himself as an artist, but always on people, environment and culture-culture as a matter of spirit manifesting itself in art forms (see Robinson Crusoe film as he called upon the spirits in Nasioi language). Not only that he used art to give insight into the human condition, as a tool of education, indoctrination and enculturation, but he also used art as politics to protest against the destruction of culture and environment. In his own unique way he contributed his bit in influencing the development of aesthetics in PNG and, in the region.

There are possibilities for young people, especially of the region to follow his footsteps to explore outlets of artistic expression as art exist in many forms and, not only sculpture and performance art which are prominent. In doing so, young people may learn to appreciate the “aesthetic value” of culture, environment and of life itself and, abandon the culture of self, environmental and other forms of destruction through carelessness.

He was a bird of a kind flying higher up in the sky.

I salute you, Br. William Takaku.
May your soul rest in peace.

joachim lummani
Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences
Division of Humanities
Curtin University
Perth WA


Dear all,

I am saddened by the death of Mr. Takaku. I was a close friend of his, we did and talked about a lot of things ranging from culture, arts, music to business... I am lost for words! He was a brother to me, I admired his creativity both in speaking and writing...

In recent times, he was working with a Japanese linguist (Dr. Masayuki Onishi) on the linkage of the Naisioi language to Nagovis and Siuwai......He was supposed to have taken a trip to Japan this year under this project to participate in a workshop....

Brother, May you rest in Peace!

Joe Kim


The Late William Takaku was one of the best Bougainville has ever produced and he has been blessed with an articulate brain that always amazes me when I read his postings on the bougainville forum.
I am shocked and sad we have lost a great Bougainvillean and even though I have never really met him personally I have had the priviledge of exchanging emails with him privately on many issues where we share common ideology.
Rest in peace Keara. My condolences to the family. We will miss your contributions on the Forum.

Louis Tagovono

It is with a deep and profound sadness that I read of the passing of the late William Takaku, a playwright, artist, actor entertainer and chief. His passing is a big and tragic loss for both PNG and Bougainville. He was amongst the best, if not the best. Few can ever match the enthusiasm and commitment that he had for arts and culture, both a necessary part of any civilization on earth. Without these, human kind would not have evolved, developed and multiplied into the rich and diverse world that it has.
May the Lord, grant him eternal rest.


He will be missed. Trupla brata stret na wanpla nambawan wantok stret...a perfect example of one who was friends to all, and enemies to none. We thank WT for his support and advice to Bougainville Music through his support.

Niu Age Band
Giveway Band

Meri Buin

What a great loss of another great Bougainvillian. My thoughts are with his family right now.

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