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28 December 2010


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Manuel C. Diaz

Let the landowners,and the autonomous government of Bouginville own 100% of the mine and hire contractors to operate the mine that way the people of Bouginville will benefit more than let Rio Tinto operate the mine. The new mine owner can start with a modest capacity of 10,000tons per day it will not cost US$4billion for a 10,000per day mine and mill. This start up capacity will probably cost between US$100million to US$150million. the open pit has a mineable reserve of 200million tons then gradually expand to 20,000metric tons in five years the 50,000tons mill capacity will be attained. Depending on how severe is the damage to the mill equipment this mine at 10,000ton per day capacity can be brought into production in 24months.

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Dr Uwe Gremmler

Mining is also possible wthout poisening the environment. Biut this costs a lot af money. Take care that a good part of the income is spend for the preservation of your environment and take another part (taxes) for the development of your Island and the preservation of your identity.

Dr. Uwe Gremmler Germany

Maria Buka Meri

But the damage created by the mine is far more that just a big ugly hole in the ground. Due to its grand scale, opencast style mining produces substantial and long lasting damage. When ore is exposed to water and air it oxidizes and turns into sulfuric acid. During the course of mining operations, over one billion tons of waste rock, called tailings, was poured in slurry form over a 100 meter retaining wall into a tributary of the Jaba River. These tailings were a mixture of rock, sand, copper ore and other minerals such as sulphur, arsenic, zinc, cadmium and mercury, all of which promptly leeched into the water shed. This lethal mineral cocktail turned the Jaba River a bright chemical blue and the tropical ocean at the mouth of the river dead brown. By 1986, the entire river system and its flood plain no longer supported life. The land of 800 local residents was poisoned and rendered uninhabitable. However, the vast amount of tailings dumped into the Jaba River were not poisonous, much of it was merely rock and sand. But one billion tons of rock and sand is significant and was enough to fill the Jaba River to a depth of 30 meters and create a 1000 hectare delta at the river mouth. The Panguna Mine was killing the island of Bougainville (Miriori 1996; Regan 2005: 269).

Francis Tauria

I see no solution in the end by letting BCL back to mine that Panguna mine again.The history of crises will repeat itself unless the ownership comes down to the people of bougainville and to the government of Bougainville.Get the biggest loan ever on earth and start the mine by ourselves and import the latest technology skills in from overseas.what so hard about mining.Why give nearly more than half of our resource money to a company from overseas.I belive thats the only way to do it to improve our standard of living.

 Paulinus Evia

Bougainville leaders, land owners and others who want the Panguna mine to be reopened. Please take note!
The company and outsiders do not care about our environment, the land and the people. All they wish for is to Waste our land and to get rich out of it while we struggle to survive.We have received so little from the mine. Can't we learn from the past experiences? If the mine should be reopened, there must be a clear understanding between the Company, Government and the people of Bougainville. We already had enough loss of lives.


I believe those in decision-making positions will be more wiser now having learned from our recent experience. Reopening the mine and the excitements being caused by the market value of the minerals is no problem.The market is always as good as it can be. The region needs a good overall development plan like what Fr. John Koran was talking about when he was reflecting on his trip to China. I argue that whatever development that will be developed in due course must be people-oriented, i.e. focussed on having impact on the citizens' standard of living. It may be argued that the region must be developed through the pursuit of scientific advancement. No one should argue about this in today's world but science is a means to an end. Good science is needed to better serve citizens or humanity. I do not know whether a development plan is already in place or not. The new administrative structure is not a development plan but it is something that can become a biggest consumer of the region's resources leaving less for rural development activities.


Bubu Meri

$USD50 Billion!...and this whops the PNG LNG Project by a huge mile which is only $42 Billion of which PNG gets to get only about $USD500 Million from. Those who were doubting the riches of the Black Island of Bougainville, kisim this one na kaikaim nau. And this is just one part of it. Wait til the gas, oil, Limestone, Uranium, and more copper, gold, nickel and others are ready to go...

Maria Buka Meri

And some have sailed from a distant shore
And the company takes what the company wants
And nothing's as precious, as a hole in the ground...

Midnight Oil (Blue Sky Mining)

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