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23 June 2010


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It’s quite disappointing for President Momis to push James Tanis away like this, especially when Tanis has publicly announced that his is ready to give a hand to the new Government if asked. He has made his approach. Momis's reply is simply pathetic to say the least, reading between the lines.
Tanis is a one a kind and his network, local experience should be utilised. This young man has gained the recognition of bodies such as the United Nations, something that I suspect doesn’t go down well with President Momis. This is already a signs of old thinking greedy leadership in the making. If this is the way Momis and co are going to approach things, let’s wait and see.
I hope Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) goes ahead with its thinking to a take him (Tanis) on board their team to negotiate with the panguna landowners on their behalf. This way, the landowners message gets to be communicated across properly and vice-versa….and yes, sideline the ABG in the process. Their (ABG) involvement will only complicate things again, not to mention, the ABG will cease to exist within the next 5-7 years anyway.

raun t'sol

Thank you for the update sir, by the way what did Mr Momis mean by.."many companies have already enquired to engage him." Is he referring to Mr Tanis?

Save na mekim

Laukai, please report on credible things happening at home. We are fed up with all the rubbish junk and so called explainations from BRDC. From day 1 the deal was fishy, smelly and had lot of question marks.
To BIC, please pack your bags and get out.Bougainville doesn't need you.
Bougainvilleans are not stupid- pack up & leave.You are covered with too many shadows.


Congratulation to all the new ministers for their appointment.

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