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04 June 2010


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Fabian Hakalits

Nisira, man of faith...
A vibrant leader who had faith, hope and trust in the Lord...
This faith has brought you to where you are now...
I can always remember when I travelled with Mr Nisira to cover stories, while delivering his speech, he will not forget to achknowledge God.
Thats the way and thats how leaders should be like..."God fearing" He alwys encourages families especially mothers and fathers to look at the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) and reflect on how this family is so special which he always encourrages them to be like the Holy Family..

Fabian Hakalits

Congrats Mr Nisira for the win..
You deserve to retain this seat for your contributions towards the poeple of Halia Constituency...
Faith in God has shaped your leadership value...
You never promised to give, but always said that you will try togive the best...
On behalf of the Halia Students here in Divine Word UNiversity we CONGRAULATE you on your victory...
True, visionary and young leader...
Lets work together Halia people to create change...
Kapul hunters yah...


Folks, the important thing is Halia is in good hands !!

Good luck Hago...

Lester Hakalits

I am a staunch supporter of Patrick Nisira given the way he kickstarted his stint in parliament...did the little things right...

More often, leaders tend to picture big things for their people but this young man concentrated in working his way with the people...he never promises and only says will try his best. if it works out it will, if it doesn't, patience must be practiced.

i've been on a couple of rounds with him while working in Buka and have seen what flair and spirit he brings to the community. That is cemented with his social conduct.

Member, Halia em stap wantaim ol Kapul Hunters blo Kotopan. Kuma tamolu bah.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Kapul Hunter


Every other candidate that stood, had agenda that was not in the interest of the populace. Nisira being the sitting member just wanted to complete what he started. He plans his work all the time and thats a great thing..and the next 5 years gives him the time to see it through to fruition.

He is focused, not to mention a pretty simple bloke, with a good attitude. I am glad the good people of Halia recognised that and put him back again.

True, the tuffer tanks might have played a big part, but thats what he is there for - to go out of his way to do something for his constituency. Thats just simply what we need in a member, no more no less.

Anyone know where I can get a copy of that victory song "HALIA" ?

Niigana tse !!!

Mike Forster

Ah!Honourable Patrick Nisiria - he is not averse to listening and learning. He is one who wants to do the best, and be the best for his people.

Good work deserves recognition.


We need more leaders that truly serve the peoples interest. I have admired this young leader and given time could be the next president.


Yes and keep those tuffa tanks coming..We all know Buka em hard lo painim wara. Together with Ogio's assistance Buka and Halia in Particular must move forward and beyond.


He is a good Leader with no history of Corruption and such a leader has followers who are willing to Serve the true interest of Bougainvilleans.


I was wondering if anyone can tell me why did Momis had and have resigned good job to contested the ABG, even in 2005? Does he have dream for the Political future of Bougainville, I hope so as thousands are kicking him in?


I stand along many people who congratulate Mr. Nisira for coming out the winner. He has done a lot for Halia and deserves to have another stint. Nisira is one of the most productive member of the last ABG, and I know this will continue for the next five years. Commiserations to the losing candidates. Good try but this is no time to play-up nabaut.
The Halia people have learnt a lot of lessons before. They will not be swayed by overnight fly-by-night businessmen who think they can win voters with a show of a convoy of 15 to 23 trucks accompanied by screaming scare-campaign tactics.
Halia people recognise life is a struggle....and playing politics is the least they want to do at this time. All they want is someone to do a good job of representing them well. Nisira has been doing that and thats enough for Halians.
The victory song "HALIA" played by the elected member last night accompanying his acceptance speech is so fitting, as its showed how passionate this young politician has for his constituency. It looks like Halia is the only constutuency that now that has an anthem..Mi hamamas.

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