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15 March 2009


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Sahun Dash

An honour well deserved, Congratulation!

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Ben Allan

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New Jordans

Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I learn a lot, thank you! Wish you make a further progress in the future.

Peter Sepe

I would like to thank you for a geat job you and staff have done in Bougainville,you deserved the honour!!

Maria Buka Meri

Sister Loraine, you may think this is Liklik samting, but your tenacity and perseverance and great work will continue to go recognized throughout the world. God Bless!

Lester Hakaliits

Congratulations Sister Lorraine. You deserve such an honour and i should think more to come.

Nigan toana

Aloysius Laukai

Sorry, Communication to and out of Bougainville have been out. And we could not update the site.
We will start updating.


John Kopana

Well done Sr. Loraine. I hope our politicians can see the need to rehabilitate a lot of our people after the trauma that we have been through and compliment your work with appropriate support.

Bill Smith

Hearty congratulations from your friends in Idaho, this is very well deserved!

June Maru

Wow!! way to go Sister Loraine, I'm sure even Marie has heard and is so filled with pride for such a loving sister, you deserve it!!!!

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