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Serah Pamolak Sipani

I am so proud .......just reading this from afar. Congratulations......hmm I want to say Mr Laukai but finding it difficult coz its always be Uncle Aloysius. Keep the airwaves busy and job well done

Cheers ,
Serah Pamolak Sipani
Melbourne, Australia

S Jaintong

How about expanding the coverage? otherwise keep it up..........! Strongim autonomy...!

Anthony Kaybing

New Dawn FM, strongim Autonomy! Great Job Brata

Aileen Sagolo

Great job!!!!Keep it up..

Sahun Dash

Hi Thomas and Sam. My two fav Radio Announcers. You may not know who I am but I still remember you guys from Radio Bouganville, Maus Bilong San Kamap. Great to see you two are Still kickin', what else can I say? Cheers fellas!

Lester Hakaliits

Hey Mr Laukai, u trupla man....
gutpla dei long yu ah.


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