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09 June 2010


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In support of Marian Pius, well, we surely did it again in the eyes of the foreign observers on the ground.
One thing in particular that really made me proud is that people were not intimidated into freely making their own choices of whom to vote for.
For this reason, and by the look of things, WE HAVE ALREADY MOVED FORWARD....
The behaviour of our people during the elections has already implied that we can tackle the very vital issues that needs to be rectified in our region let alone our desire to choose our own destiny through referendum...
*adios amigos*


Your report -"28 North Nasioi Nicholas E. Daku Independent Lawrence Belleh did not re-contest"

-should read 28 North Nasioi Nicholas E. Daku Independent ousted Mathias Salas.


I agree Marian Puis.


Marian Puis

Once again, Autonomous Bougainville has shown to the world, that we can do it peacefully. So yes, Congratulations to all (voters, winners and those that tried and did not get elected). The marjority people of Bougainville have spoken. Let us all work and support each other in preparation towards acheiving our goal...and for better future life. May peace and love be upon everyone.
Na tu Big pela THANK YOU igo long NEW DAWN TEAM. Honestly A Fantastic Job! Well done!
I hope, you will continue to provide News about A.B to its people and the world.

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